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Let's start with athletic posture

So, hi everybody!

Let's see how we should start adding cafathletics with something interesting. What would be more interesting than assuring that our posture is correct?
What I mean is how we stand affects the way we do everything! How we live, work and exercise and therefore we should start paying importance to that.

Usually most people tend to duck. Round their shoulders and duck. How we fix that?
Well, believe me or not, I fixed this by doing barbell front squat and overhead squat. You see front squat forces your upper body to stand straight and not to duck, curve the neck and look down. Then Overhead squat forces your shoulders to rotate externally and allows thoracic extension s that you start getting used to that athletic posture.

I have selected the following videos from Youtube to take you through both front and overhead squat. Remember you don't need to load the barbell. As a matter of fact you need no weight to learn both exercises. Try get used to it only with the …

Creating Citius, Alitius, Fortius Athletics Blog

Welcome to Citius, Alitius, Fortius Athletics (cafathletics) Blog. This a blog created to host information and news about athletics. More specifically, exercises, exercises routines, tips and advice about exercises and more. We will mostly host content (videos, articles, etc) from other sides which we likes and we believe that it is good to go through.
So stay tuned and we will have great things to bring on for you!