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Introducing a Workout that will blow your testosterone levels and you heart rate

Some time ago I started using cyclic workouts with well known exercise to replace my running for cardio. The style contained elements from strong lift, I mean big compound moves and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) because of the continues rotation between exercises without rest time.
I called it 666 because it's 6 rounds, 6 exercises per round and six reps per exercise. And you time it. So each of the six rounds is as below:

So 666 WOD
1st exercise: Front Squat (50kg) 6 reps
2nd exercise: Pull Ups (body weight) 6 reps
3rd exercise: Bench Press (80kg) 6 reps
4th exercise: Dead Lift (80kg) 6 reps
5th exercise: Barbell row (60kg) 6 reps
6th exercise: Overhead Press, standing with barrel (30kg) 6 reps

That is round one. You should do 5 more rounds without rest.
My personal best is 11 minutes and 15 secs 10 minutes and 25 seconds (28/1/2018). I am 82kg aged 42.
Try it out and let me know what you thing. Be good and strong ...